Solar Powered Connectivity

Solar Powered Smart Pole

  • Creates internet connectivity for any local network type (WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa, etc.)
  • Solar Panels and battery backup enable deployment where infrastructure is unavailable
  • Integrated certified WiFi router provides internet access through the T-Mobile network
  • Extends current WiFi or other networks (Daisy Chain)
  • Provides infrastructure for IoT deployment
Solar Smart Pole

The Solar Smart Pole can be deployed in rural farm or recreation areas, campuses of all types, beaches, as highway emergency services and more.

The Smart Poles also provide nighttime/emergency lighting, USB charging, LED panels for advertising, and emergency services. Physical and visual modifications can easily be made due to modular design in order to replace existing “dumb” pole programs that are using solar power for highway lighting.

The Smart Pole provides WiFi connectivity and USB charging ports